Backcountry ski huts in the Grand Tetons

Jackson Hole Backcountry Ski Huts

Our huts are yurts which sit on wooden platforms, providing warm, cozy shelter for winter travelers. Experience untracked Teton powder at one of our three backcountry ski huts. Join one of our guided and catered overnight trips or rent our huts for a do-it-yourself option.

yurtniteEach hut has sleeping bunks and pads for eight people, a complete kitchen with a two-burner propane stove for cooking, a wood-burning stove for cozy warmth and propane lanterns.

Our three mountain huts are 20 feet in diameter, have private, sheltered latrines, and are located approximately 4 miles into the mountains with elevation gains between 1,800 and 2,200 feet. Skiers can expect approximately 3-5 hours of easy to moderately strenuous hiking in the approach. Climbing skins are necessary. Rammell Maountain Hut, located on the valley floor, is 30 feet in diameter, features solar electricity and a separate bathhouse with hot running water.

We offer Hut to Hut Tours between Baldy Knoll and Plummer Canyon Huts. The moderately rigorous route descends 1,800 ft (3 miles) then climbs 1,400 ft (2 miles). It involves 2/3 to a full day of ski touring. Guided Hut to Hut Tours are available. Topo maps available at

baldyurtBaldy Knoll Hut

Located at 8,800 feet, this is our highest and most remote hut and it was also our first. Topo maps: Driggs, ID; Victor, ID; Rendezvous Peak, WY; Mt. Bannon, WY. Snowmachines are permitted to the hut.
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commviewCommissary Ridge Hut

Located at 8,000 ft, this hut offers spectacular views of the Grand, Middle and South Tetons. Topo map: Granite Basin, WY. Snowmachines are permitted to the yurt.
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yurtout_smPlummer Canyon Hut

This hut is accessed via Moose Creek Canyon in the southern end of the Tetons. Topo maps: Victor, Idaho and Rendezvous Peak, WY.
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famyurtsmRammell Mountain Hut

This yurt is the only yurt  available for rent in the summer. The yurt is open from May-October and can be accessed with a vehicle.
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